• 4 foot high tubes with a 1 inch taper. 3 sections required per 10 feet.
  • Outstandingly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and cold
  • Lightweight, safe, flexible and quiet in use
  • Made of light yellow UV-protected plastic


Top Hopper
  • uppermost section
  • entry point for debris
  • 1 needed per system
  • heavy duty construction
Door Section
  • Entry Chutes for multi-level work
  • any number per system
  • heavy duty construction
Welded Regular Sections
  • original Superchute design: tube sections with a welded seam
  • no assembly required
  • completely compatible with wrap-arounds





Wrap-around Regular Sections
  • space-saving design: tube sections with a clasp
  • clasp is safe & easy to use - no tools required
  • sections assemble in under a minute with eyebolts
  • eyebolts are stored on chute cables when not in use
  • a dream to store and transport
  • completely compatible with welded sections


For technical specifications and pricing please contact us.